Nature Photography for Home and Office

We find joy in bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside, taking great pride in carefully crafting every detail to produce unique art. We incorporate photography, metal, and wood into our wall and tabletop decor, offer custom framing and photography services, and sell our imagery in our galleries. Thank you for visiting!

Home and Office Decor

Home and Office Decor

Rustic Art Shop

It all started with a “honey-do” request. “I have an idea for a frame…do you think you could come up with something?” And the first rustic flower was born. Our art bloomed from there, at art shows, art markets and online. Find unique art here.

Fine Art Print Galleries

Throughout the year, I capture moments that capture me. I interpret landscapes to reflect the way they make me feel. Warm tones, cool tones, all to strike emotion within, at some of Northern Michigan’s most beautiful places. Take a look and lose yourself in the moment:

Landscape Gallery Flower|Butterfly Gallery

Custom Art Request Form

We love a creative challenge, and get excited about your ideas and vision. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us and let the brainstorming begin!